Date of birth: 22.5.1975
Place of residence: Dubai, Emirates
Family: Married, two Children
First rally: 1993 Kiiminki rallysprint
First WRC-rally: 1996 WRC Finland
WRC starts: 46 (at the end of 2011)

Contact info
phone. +971 50 903 5589 / Dubai Emirates
@-mail. janne@tuohino.com

Motorsport history
Janne Tuohino was born at 1975. His motorsport career started at age of six as he was gaining knowledge and skills behind the steering wheel of home-made ice racing car on his grandmother’s frozen lake.

From early 90ies Tuohino has taken ambitious steps towards professionalism. His first rally event was a rallysprint event with RWD Ford Escort RS 2000. The event was held at 1993 in his home village, Kiiminki.

Only three seasons later he entered his first WRC in Finland with Opel Astra GSi. At the end of season 2006 Tuohino has participated into 40 WRC events. His best result was 4th position in season 2004 at WRC Sweden with Ford Focus RS WRC’03. Janne Tuohino is also remembered as Finnish Rally Champion of seasons 1999 and 2001. Also he has bronze medal from Junior World Rally Championship season 2002.

Speed has always been a passion for Flying Finn. From seasons 1986-1993 he was interested in motorcross and gaining skills behind the steering wheel on ice circuit. At puberty Tuohino was building Ford Escort Kent with his good friend Hannu Raappana. Soon after starting his rally career Janne was selected into Finnish Motorsport Federation trainees group. Since then his thoughts have been concentrated into career of professional rally driver.

In season 1997 Tuohino took his first kilometres with 4WD and turbo charged Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Few years later an appreciated motorsport person Timo Hulkkonen took Tuohino under his wings and start helping him towards WRC.

In season 2005 he was official Skoda manufacturer rally driver. After Skoda retired the international rally scene Janne was left without a seat. In season 2006 he drove as a private driver in selected WRC events.

Season 2010 was a comeback to World Rally Championship series as he competed in SWRC with Ford Fiesta S2000 rally car. After that Janne Tuohino has driven selected Finnish Rally Championship and World Rally Championship series events.

In season 2019 he entered Rally Sweden with JanPro Racing supported Ford Fiesta RS WRC and made a trouble-free and steady one-rally comeback to World Rally Championship series in a rally which was driven in very difficult ”winter rally” conditions. Tuohino and co-driver Mikko Markkula entered the event by just two weeks of short preparation time which included two days pre-rally test day covering approximately 130 competitive kilometers. After setting their goals to TOP-10 in overall classifications, Janne and Mikko made a uprising special stage times throughout the 19 fast-paced special stages and 316,80 tricky special stage kilometres.

Tuohino, who previously had, 13 years ago, competed with a World Rally Car, was happy for his performance in a rally which reminded more gravel than a snow rally. Exactly 20 years ago Tuohino drove his first-ever event with a World Rally Car and now he collect one World Rally Championship point after avoiding all drama the thrilling rally gave for fellow competitors. It was also first-ever Championship point for new JanPro Racing which was put together in just three weeks time before its’ first World Rally Championship event.

Best results:
– 1999 Finnish Rally Champion (Group-N, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution)
– 2001 Finnish Rally Champion (Group-A, Toyota Corolla WRC)
– 2002 3rd position in Junior World Rally Championship (Citroen Saxo)
– 2002 7th position in WRC Sweden. Best privateer (Ford Focus RS WRC)
– 2002 2nd position in Pirelli Rally, Finland (Ford Focus RS WRC)
– 2003 7th position in WRC Finland, Best privateer (Ford Focus RS WRC)
– 2003 1st position in FRC Arctic Lapland Rally (Ford Focus RS WRC)
– 2003 1st position in FRC Osuuspankki Rally (Ford Focus RS WRC)
– 2003 2nd position in FRC Vaakuna Rally (Ford Focus RS WRC)
– 2003 2nd position in FRC Itärally (Ford Focus RS WRC)
– 2003 2nd position in FRC Exide Rally (Ford Focus RS WRC)
– 2003 2nd position in FRC Uusikaupunki Rally (Ford Focus RS WRC)
– 2004 1st postition in Alppihotelli Rally (Ford Focus RS WRC)
– 2004 4th position in WRC Sweden, Ford manufacturer driver (Ford Focus RS WRC)
– 2004 6th position in WRC Cyprus, Best privateer (Ford Focus RS WRC)
– 2004 5th position in WRC Finland, Ford manufacturer driver (Ford Focus RS WRC)
– 2004 9th position in WRC overall standings, Best privateer (6/16 rounds)
– 2004 1st position in International Pirelli Rally (Ford Focus RS WRC)
– 2005 Manufacturer rally driver for Skoda
– 2006 5th position in WRC Sweden before engine failure in final stage (Citroen XSara WRC)
– 2006 2nd position in Rally Portugal (Subaru Impreza WRX STi, Group-N)
– 2006 6th position in WRC Finland (Citroen XSara WRC)
– 2008 2nd in FRC Peurunka Rally (Subaru Impreza WRC)
– 2009 3rd in FRC Finnsko Rally (Peugeot 207 S2000)
– 2009 3rd in Finnish Rally Championship series (Subaru / Mitsubishi / Peugeot)
– 2010 2nd in SWRC Sweden, (Ford Fiesta S2000)
– 2011 2nd in Arctic Lapland Rally, (Ford Fiesta S2000)
– 2011 3rd in FRC Vaakuna Rally (Ford Fiesta S2000)
– 2014 1st in Arctic Lapland Rally (Ford Fiesta R5)

Also three fastest special stage times in World Rally Championship series:
– 2000 Rally GB (1)
– 2004 WRC Sweden (2)

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